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What the Cape Horn is to the sailors, the cog is to Rostock: you have to have been there at least once

Exterior view - to the Kogge Rostock
Maritime restaurant - Zur Kogge in Rostock
Interior detail - to the Kogge Rostock
Seats - To the Kogge Rostock
Socializing with beer and wine - Maritime Gaststätte Zur Kogge Rostock
Maritime restaurant - Zur Kogge in Rostock
Exterior detail - To the Kogge Rostock
Exterior detail - To the Kogge Rostock
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Monday to Wednesday
16: 00 clock to 22: 00 clock
Thursday to Saturday
12: 00 clock to 22: 00 clock
Sunday closed

The red corner house with the Hanseatic gable is only a stone's throw away from the city harbour. Here you will be welcomed by our historic restaurant with maritime flair, which is well-known far beyond the state borders of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Our cog offers space for 64 guests on the lower and upper deck, our captain's room is suitable for groups of up to 35 people. Take a seat in the berths and at the board tables and go on a virtual trip around the world - you will see banknotes and coins from all over the world and on the walls and ceilings prepared sawfish, sea urchins and other inhabitants of the world's oceans compete for your attention.

Detailed ship models, original lifebuoys and ship bells exude a touch of seafaring romance.

The imposing counter, the oldest piece of our house, dates back to the opening around 150 years ago. He would certainly have many interesting travel reports and some exciting seaman's yarn to report. We'll still be tapping you a "cool blond" fresh from the barrel here today.

Welcome on board!

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Meal of the Day

tender herring fillet

tender herring fillet

with green bacon beans and fried potatoes


dish of the week

baltic herring

green Baltic herring

with bacon beans and fried potatoes


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Reserve a table

To be on the safe side, reserve a table with us in our lovingly designed restaurant.

We have tables that seat from two to 10 people.

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Request celebration

Spend a convivial, happy evening in our cog: with live music if you wish.

Up to 30 seats are available in our separate captain's room. It is very well suited for smaller occasions such as family celebrations from birthdays to weddings, for company parties or business dinners.

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Customer Reviews

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maritime history
since 1983

Yes, look around, you are sitting in a new house, but in an old Rostock seaman's jar, which has already had a long life and which seafarers from all over the world have known well for over a hundred years.

When the first Rostock address book was published in 1856, it said “City of Hamburg” for this house. In 1880 this was rewritten as "Stadt Kiel", only in 1904, when a great fire broke out, the whole house burned down.


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